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Almost 60% peoples in the world are out of reach of fresh vegetables.They are forced to eat chemicalized vegetables.Few poeples only grow crops and vegetables and send that to the remaining peoples.And sent vegetables take like week to reach the destination due to which people don’t get fresh vegetables.Nowadays mediator mix up chemicals to the vegetables to show fresh after weeks also.Everyday we eat vegetables twice or more times a day,and that is leading us to the different types of diseases.If this continues then the life expectancy rate will dgerade below 40 years.

But some peoples are lucky that they can eat fresh self grown vegetables.some people go to market for vegetables and some goes to their field to pluck self grown vegetables.Modernization makes life easier but easiness brings laziness and i suggest peoples to grow vegetables for atleast self sufficiency and make healthy life.



Just around 20km inside from Kathmandu city (capital city of Nepal),my place jharuwarashi.Its not exactly the village and i can’t say its city also.I m here since 20 years,and i don’t know what is the connection between me and this place i can’t leave this place.Now after regular rainfall of more than a week,environment is soo much beautiful and peaceful where i can have fresh oxygen and no dust and smokes around.

My place jharuwarashi is not only beautiful but it has also famous temple called SANTANESWOR mandir,where people believe that if couple is not having child (santan) then they can come to santaneswor mandir and worship lord shiva and they can have child.Also karmanasa river flows in the middle of jharuwarashi which is only river of Nepal which flows opposite direction.

Whenever i feel alone,i take rest in the lap of Nature.Nature has the answer for everything and i believe if you can understand nature then you will also get answer/sloution of every problem.Just love the nature and save the natural beauty.


Pokhara,A city on phewa lake situated on western part of nepal.A city covered by different himalayan range and different lakes running in the vains of pokhara.pokhara is full of different ethnic group,languages,festivals and peoples with full of love.

Pokhara is one the most famous touristic places of Nepal.Every year mostly many tourists visit pokhara to see himalayan range and lakes.Also pokhara is famous for boating,bungee jumping,rafting,paragliding,rafting and many more.

Pokhara is second largest city of nepal after kathmandu and it has 8 lakes which makes it unique and beautiful city of nepal.also pokhara is famous for trekking also.You can enjoy 3-4 days of trekking from pokhara to ghandruk.From ghandruk you can see mesmarizing view of hamalayas range and a beautiful sun rise.

I can assure you the greatest time you can have in your life if you choose your destination as POKHARA for your vacation.And if you are planning to visit pokhara then best time to visit pokhara is between september to november.because you can have beautiful and clear view in this time.

BTS-Worlds favourite band compelled to join mandatory military service!!!

South korean law has stated that abled men should serve in military between age of 18 to 28 for atleast 18 months.Due to distrub between south korea and north korea this law was introduced and all men are forced to join military in south korea.

But now problem has arised that worlds no.1 BTS band member are also ruled by the south korean law.The world has eye on BTS band whether they will also be compelled to join military or not.Because 18 months is a long term period for BTS and their fan can’t allow them to stop musical carrier for 18 months.But law is more powerful than the fame and money we believed.

Now the situation is whether BTS and BTS die hard fan will loose or the law will get compromised.If law gets compromised for BTS then law can be compromised in near future also.And if BTS member went for military service then BTS fans will turn against south korea and south korean government,most importantly south korean government itself will loose huge respect as well as revenues earned from BTS.let’s see what will happen in the near future whether BTS and BTS fan get disappointed or the south korean law gets compromised.

TILICHO LAKE-Destination of challenging,mesmarizing and worth taking trekking junction

Tilicho lake is one of the highest lake in the world at an altitude of 4919m located at Manang district.It has become the top selection for internal tourist as well as external tourists for trekking.if you are planning to visit somewhere,then tilicho lake will be the best option for your adventerous journey.

Manang district is full of natural beauty where kajin sara lake first highest lake discovered at an altitude of 5020m from sea level also located.Tilicho lake is at altitude of 4919m at annapurna range of himalayas.It is the top slelcted trekking spot due to scenic views of himalayas,civilization and natural beauty.It is a challenging trekking spot but its worth taking spot because you will get mesmarized throughout the journey through secnic views,adventerous places and natural beauties.

Tilicho lake gets totally gets frozed as hard ice,and when its cracked and gets melted it will give bluish cristal clear colour water.but you can’t be able to swim in tilicho lake as it get very cold that its cold will get directly into your bones.

It will be your never regreting destinatoon for your vacation.Be sure you will get filled with adventerous trekking and never forgetting journey throughout your life if you chose your touristic spot Tilicho lake.


Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) 2024 has opened from 07/10/2022.America has been taking 50k-55k every year from underdeveloping countries alover the world.This year America has decided to take 50k peoples from different countries which are elegible for EDV programme.

  • As we know Nepal is also elegible for EDV programme,the chance of being permanent resident of America has come.Before years candidates required passport to fill the edv form,but this year no need passport to fill form from Nepal.But need to focus on certain things before you fill the form.
  • Most importantly peoples form gets rejected due to photo criteria not meeting up,check youtube or google for photo criteria before filling the form.
  • Provide genuine information only about you.
  • Edv lottery opens every year,and one can fill only at once in a year.double form submission leads to disqualification automatically.
  • Always use genuine government website to fill edv form
  • Minimum qualification is +2 or if you have 2 years of professional work experience then you are also eligible for EDV 2024
  • No charge is taken for the form submission,its totally free of cost.
  • Once you get selected then only you need to pay for visa,documentation and air ticket.

Village life

Know the differences between city life and village life? Let me tell you the one main difference of it.maybe you have seen peoples waking up early in the morning in both places,but in city peoples wakes up early to empty their stomach and in village peoples wakes up early to fill their stomach.

Peoples in village wakes everyday and run to their fileds to work.they don’t need to go gym or they don’t need to balance diet as in city.whatever they have,they can be happy as most.they feel blessed if they can eat twice a day.they don’t have big dreams to scare themselves.they are kind and help each other.In city peoples don’t know peoples nearby them,but in village they know poeples all over nearby them.Im not comparing life style between city and village but what i feel is village peoples gets satisfied with what they have but city peoples run after one another and never gets satisfied with what they have.